Catoctin Creek Custom Rods, LLC

Company Information:

Hello! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Burks, avid angler of just about anything with fins and gills! Please allow me to give you a short history of Catoctin Creek Custom Rods, LLC.

  I came to the realization I should build my own fishing rods after growning more & more frustrated in tackle shops looking over everything in the aisles looking for that "perfect" that felt like an extention of my arm. No "off the rack"  rod fit the bill.

  So...I built a few of my own rods. Soon, friends and fishing partners saw what I was using, and asked for a rod they could call their very own...a one of a kind stick! Eventually I was making rods for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, even Anniversary gifts!

 Thus, Catoctin Creek Custom Rods, LLC was born!...and here you are!

Eventually, every angler just has to have that special fishing rod!

Proud Participant!